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Expert Oil Furnace Repair in Concord

Furnace balking at starting? Reset button continually tripping? If your fuel oil furnace is leaving you annoyed and chilly in Concord, the Experts at ARIEL HVAC SOLUTIONS can help.

Sometimes, you can take care of troubles with your oil-burning furnace alone. There are a couple of things you can try before getting in touch with us for heating repair.

Common Oil Heating System Problems

  • Furnace won’t start.The thermostat setting may be incorrect. Ensure that it’s set to “auto” and “heat.”

  • Reset button keeps tripping.This safety feature shuts down your furnace when it discovers an issue. Make sure there’s fuel in the oil tank, the valves are open and the chimney is unobstructed. Once you’ve checked those things, only press the reset button once. Pressing it multiple times could cause fuel oil to build up and spark a fire once the furnace begins running.

  • Inadequate heat.The oil or air filters could be full and need to be cleaned or replaced.

  • Excess noise.If you hear clattering, tighten access panels. Squealing means there’s a problem with the belt or blower motor. If these components have oiling ports, put a couple of electric motor oil on them after shutting down your furnace.

Other times, you’ll need one of our Expert service technicians. Call ARIEL HVAC SOLUTIONS for oil furnace repair service when:

  • Pushing the reset button doesn’t start the furnace, even when there’s fuel in the tank and valves are open

  • You hear knocking sounds, which likely signals there’s air in the fuel lines

  • Oil lines are leaking

  • Soot can be observed in the burner chamber

  • Burner turns on but does not fire

  • Other troubleshooting ideas don’t fix the problem